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Below you can find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you’re unable to find the answers you’re looking for, don’t fret. We’re here to help you in any and every way we can, so please get in touch.

  • Where Are You Located?
    We are based in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Refunds, Cancellations and Tardiness"
    Due to the scope of our services we do not offer refunds for retreats, products , subscriptions or healing experiences. We do understand that life happens and will reschedule your appointment once with no additional fee. We offer a 20 minute grace period for appointments. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • May I Bring A Support Person?
    Yes! Our intention is for every person to feel safe, supported and loved. Any work done for the additional person will be billed immediately.
  • What Happens During Healing Session?
    We assist you with moving stagnate energy and take a deep dive to discover what has been hindering you from being the best possible version of yourself. Every session is different. All that we ask is that you bring an open heart.
  • Will I Be Healed?
    We say that healing is like peeling an onion - safely, patiently, taking one layer at a time. Healing comes when your perspective changes and when you apply intentional work towards your desired goal. After meeting with one of our specialists, you will feel changed. The healing is still up to the client. You heal you. We are the navigators.
  • Do You Have Payment Plans?
    Currently, Sezzle is the best way to pay for your session if you need a payment plan. Note that all funds are non-refundable do to the scope of business.
  • Can I Return To Work After Session?
    It is recommended after your healing experience to have a day of rest. Healing can be exhausting for the body, mind and spirit it is best to completely relax.
  • Zoom Or In Person?
    There is no difference between the two. You will receive the same service. However in person may be preferred if you desire hands on service.
  • Scheduling
    Every client has the opportunity to schedule their appointment via the website if, the date is not available it means that slot is filled. Subscribing to our website will notify you of openings and events.
  • Traveling To Work With Aja
    Welcome! We do not provide any transportation or accommodation, so getting to and from your session would be your responsibility. We would also advise at least a half day after your session before your flight home, if possible, to allow yourself adequate down time to rest and process your emotions after your session.
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