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Nurtured By N8ture by BodiSpa Wellness Co.

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Journey to Wellness

Nestled off the beaten path in Winston-Salem, NC, BodiSpa Wellness Co. and Nurtured by N8ture Inc. was created in an effort to help individuals to become more conscious about their health and wellness.  Karen Bonner (Aja Fiyah) is a Spiritual Leader, Shamanic Tribal Medicine Cultivator,  Herbalist and Social Influencer in her community. The journey to wellness and spiritual enlightenment evolved when Karen Bonner (Aja Fiyah) was that was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Seeking nontraditional cancer therapy, Karen (Aja), traveled to the jungle of Peru.  The diagnosis sparked her desire to help individuals with their spiritual wellness journey through herbal medicines and holistic practices.  Through her love for crafting body care products, herbal medicines and helping individuals to awaken to their full potential, it is her goal to get individuals excited about their spiritual wellness journey. Karen(Aja) sole purpose is to assist individuals in remembering who they are and purpose in this Earth experience. Positively assisting individuals from all walks of life for over 25 years, Karen (Aja) is honored to witness the transformation of lives through the services that she provides



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 Aja Fiyah
Bodispa Wellness Co. & Nurtured By N8ture Inc.
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